AlpinerX and the new heart rate monitoring belt

AlpinerX and the new heart rate monitoring belt

Whether you want to monitor your run, cycle, training sessions or simply keep a closer eye on your health, this new heart rate monitoring belt will help you maximize your performance.

Following the launch of the AlpinerX on Kickstarter and popular demand from its backers, Alpina developed the Heart Rate Monitoring function on AlpinerX and is now offering a belt as an add-on. This belt offers a very accurate measuring of the heart rate.

Alpina AlpinerX HRM Belt 1

Running and outdoor activities are increasingly popular. Whether in the mountains or in the city, outdoor enthusiasts can now track their activities on their AlpinerX watch and companion app. Simply start an activity with the top pusher of the AlpinerX watch and monitor your pulses on the watch. You can then analyze your activity on the app, with the step counter, calories burnt, GPS tracking and heart rate. This helps to balance and improve performances and encourages individuals to reach their summit!

The dedicated heart rate monitoring belt can be simply activated via Bluetooth to the AlpinerX watch and features a biometric sensor. AlpinerX now connects to Strava ™ as well as other popular activity apps on the Apple store or Google Play, to provide additional performance data in the recording process.

Alpina AlpinerX HRM Belt 2

It’s also worth pointing out that, in order to receive the most accurate results, you need to ensure that your skin is in contact with the sensors at all time. Heart Rate monitoring belts are known to give more accurate data than wrist measuring devices. This also enables AlpinerX to have a battery life of up to 2 years, without having to recharge your watch on a daily basis.

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