Limelight Gala Absolute Femininity

Limelight Gala Absolute Femininity

The fanciful elegance of the 1960s is encapsulated in the sparkling designs of the Limelight Gala collection. Just like the jewelry watches that adorned the elegant women of the time, each creation today bursts with personality, bringing more delight than the last. Limelight Gala is first and foremost an aesthetic that releases time from its linearity and instills the unmistakable curves of absolute femininity.

It is also a name: ‘Limelight’, conjuring up flashing camera bulbs and turning the spotlight on Piaget’s expertise; and ‘Gala’, evoking the elegance of festivals and splendid soirées.

Doutzen Kroes x Piaget Limelight Gala 2 jpg 12732The brilliantly vibrant Limelight Gala unites watchmaking and jewelry. It epitomizes the quintessence of the Piaget style with its gemset case enhanced by two asymmetrical extended lugs, its voluptuous curves highlighted by a bezel set with gently graded brilliant-cut diamonds.

The peak of glamour, flaunting a fiery temperament. Whatever the version, the Limelight Gala brings the pleasure of a precious, sensual and ever-changing object. There is a vitality in this model, an allure and an energy channeled through the woman who wears it, naturally galvanized by its expressive presence on her wrist.


1 9 7 3 Piaget creates an oval model with two extended lugs set with diamonds.
2 0 1 3 Reinterpretation of the iconic model.
2 0 1 4 The collection is enriched with a new model with a mechanical movement.
2 0 1 5 Launch of a gold bracelet version with a refined Milanese mesh.
2 0 1 7 Piaget launches the 26 mm Limelight Gala.