Chopard 2018 Red Carpet Collection Extraordinary Jewels

Chopard 2018 Red Carpet Collection Extraordinary Jewels

Taking place in the Fall/Winter of 2018-2019 Couture Week, Chopard presents a stunning Haute Joaillerie collection: a dream runway line-up of 71 creations. The Red Carpet collection stems from the creativity of Caroline Scheufele, whose dynamic inventiveness is expressed and renewed with each new collection, infusing Chopard with breathtaking vitality. Crafted in the Haute Joaillerie ateliers of the Maison, home to a wealth of expertise and innovation, the Red Carpet Collection is the quintessence of Chopard’s virtuoso jewellery-making skills, inspired by the most extraordinary gems. 

Seventy-one creations constituted the 2018 Red Carpet Collection, corresponding to the number of editions of the Cannes Film Festival, of which Chopard is a longstanding partner. An extraordinary annual challenge brilliantly taken up by the Maison’s ateliers with outstanding panache and applauded on red carpets far and wide. Peerless allure, an unequalled sense of light and movement: the Red Carpet Collection symbolises the quintessence of traditional jewellery expertise and faithfully preserved tradition, nurtured by a new vision and exceptional creative boldness. Behind it lies a vision of the contemporary jewellery scene spearheaded by Chopard, itself fired by the vitality, imagination and talent of the Maison’s co-president, creative director and creative soul, Caroline Scheufele.


Celebrating exceptional stones

This year, the Red Carpet Collection is inspired by the many travels and dreams of its creator, who journeys throughout the year to the numerous countries where the creations from the family Maison are presented. In the course of her peregrinations, Caroline Scheufele derives inspiration that she jots down and sketches in her travel journals each evening. It is her instinctive curiosity that guides her observation of the world around her and nurtures her creativity. Architecture, art, literature or cinema: a single detail is often enough for this great gemstone lover to dream up the most splendid adornments. Nature remains a powerful source of inspiration, notably through precious stones, fashioned by earth and time, are one of its most dazzling manifestations. Chopard makes a point of honour of using only with the most exceptional precious stones. The Maison is an absolute benchmark on the Haute Joaillerie scene in terms of gemmology expertise and selectiveness. In the colour, volume, transparency and aura of the exceptional stones that inspire the future jewellery piece they will grace, Caroline Scheufele perceives treasures waiting to be brought to light.


Chopard ateliers at the pinnacle of artistic craftsmanship

Since January 2015, Chopard has been a member of the Fédération française de la Couture. The traditions, meticulous workmanship and innovative spirit of Haute Couture artistic crafts naturally chime with the excellence and expertise cultivated in Chopard’s workshops, the largest Haute Joaillerie workshops of their kind in Switzerland. From design sketches to three-dimensional models, from fashioning gold to setting precious stones, the 45 craftspeople of the Maison pool their talents in giving rise to the most prestigious jewellery. Each artisan instils their own genius and expertise into every creation; it is this heart-felt, mindful commitment, naturally extended by manual deftness, that unleashes the emotions embodied in the Chopard Haute Joaillerie collections.


Chopard, sculptor of wonders

The splendid array of creations composing the 2018 Red Carpet Collection features several exceptional adornments. Caroline Scheufele fell under the spell of a set of 17 non-oil Colombian emeralds. Rarely does nature offer an array of such pure gems with such a uniform colour. To exalt their exceptional beauty, she opted for a setting alternating between emeralds and diamonds, tapering down towards two detachable D-flawless diamonds – the largest of which is an over 20-carat pear-shaped gem. This creation, like the slender matching earrings, testifies to Chopard’s and its Creative Director’s devotion to rare stones. Continuing Caroline Scheufele’s journey towards a dreamy vision of the East, a necklace with ruby tassels gently settle on the neck, opening and then regaining its shape thanks to the suppleness and technical refinement of its materials.

Guided by her travels, Caroline Scheufele has also dreamed up an amazing feather necklace, inspired by the traditional costumes and crafts of the Mongolian plains. Representing a major first for the Maison, this flamboyant creation combines a magnificent centre piece – composed of a sculpted gold cameo adorned with swirls of blue apatites, violet garnets and red jasper – with a collar made of rooster, grey heron, ostrich and black pheasant feathers. A work crafted in cooperation with feather artist Nelly Saunier.

How could one fail to be charmed by this pair of supremely classical and timelessly elegant earrings, composed of four D-flawless diamonds, two of which are more than 10 carats? In the same majestic vein, an 18-carat white gold ring is topped by a splendid 38-carat Asscher-cut solitaire diamond, with light bouncing endlessly off its facets, like an enchanted kaleidoscope. Finally, an emerald and diamond jewellery set pays tribute to traditional gemsetting techniques, combining a dainty diamond lacework with exceptional emeralds, including the spectacular over 22-carat gem adorning the necklace.

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