Liu Tao, muse of the iconic Happy Diamonds collection

Liu Tao, muse of the iconic Happy Diamonds collection

The Chinese actress astounds in the latest Chopard creations wearing a delightful smile on each of her public appearances, Liu Tao infuses her acting career with a very special glow. Immediately won over by her positive attitude and contagious optimism, Chopard’s Co-President and Creative Director Caroline Scheufele recognised in her a symbol of the values instilled in the Maison’s iconic Happy Diamonds collection.

It was then that Caroline wanted  to ask Liu Tao to serve as brand ambassador and muse of these creations associated with the joyful moments in the life of the women who wear them – and fly high the banner of their joie de vivre.

After her 2000 breakout in several Chinese TV series, Liu Tao soon became an omnipresent figure on the national television scene. One success followed another, in 2014 she was awarded the Best Actress Prize in the China TV Golden Eagle Awards, one of the country’s most prestigious distinctions, for her role in To The Elderly with Love. Liu Tao has recently been starring as Andy, one of the five heroines in the hit series Ode to Joy. Making several red-carpet appearances adorned in Chopard’s creations, she has woven strong ties with the Maison.

A global ambassador since 2017, she especially personifies one of the new faces of the Happy Diamonds collection. Along with Arizona Muse who joined this role in 2018, displaying the same ability to convey her positivity and good-humoured approach to life. A photo shoot offers the perfect opportunity to share her smile and joyful attitude by offering a fresh and sincere personal interpretation of the latest models from the Maison.

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