Alpina’s new Seastrong Horological Smartwatch

Alpina’s new Seastrong Horological Smartwatch

Geneva – Alpina has been a reference with its diving watch collection since the 1960s when the Seastrong “10” was already capable of reaching 200m/660 ft.  In 2015 and 2016, the brand introduced two sports smart watches for women and men. This year Alpina achieves new heights with its brand new diving horological smartwatch.

A “Smart” Diver Watch

Alpina and Swiss brand MMT partnered once more to create this new horological smartwatch. The Seastrong Horological Smartwatch combines all the characteristics of the perfect water-inspired sport’s watch with the modern technology of “smart” features.


Features of the Horological Smartwatch

  • Notifications: This feature sends you a notification whenever you receive an email or as calls from your contact numbers.
  • Activity Tracking: Keep track of daily steps, calories burned, and total distance.
  • Sleep Monitoring: Wear the watch at night or put it under the pillow to record the sleep pattern. A sleep tracking function provides details on how much time you spent in deep sleep, light sleep, or awake.
  • Always On-Time & Date: You never have to set a time and date – traveling across time zones, the Horological Smartwatch picks up the time from your smartphone and displays new time automatically.
  • Sleep Cycle Alarm: Set a smart sleep alarm that will help you to wake up at the best appropriate time in your sleep cycle so that you wake up refreshed.
  • Get-Active Alerts: Set an alert to remind you to move if you’ve been idle for a set amount of time; you can customize your Get Active Alerts directly through the MMT-365 app.
  • Dynamic Coaching: Receive suggestions, tips, and information catered specifically to you based on your activity and sleep goals.
  • Cloud back-up and restore: Recover all of your data, even if you lose your watch or phone. The Horological Smartwatch independently stores your activity and sleep for 30 days without having to synchronize it to your smartphone. A great way to collect and keep your data on-the-go!
  • Worldtimer 24 time zones: Frequent traveler? Keep track of your hometown’s time by simply entering your city into the app. You’ll always be able to know instantly when is the ideal time to call your loved ones or business partners back home.

The MMT-365 app which connects to the smartwatch via Bluetooth is available on both iOS and Android systems.

Swiss Made

The Seastrong Horological Smartwatch is faithful to the traditional Swiss watchmaking codes. The design was inspired by the historical Alpina diving watches featuring a black or blue analogical dial with the iconic Alpina logo at 12 o’clock. A 44m fiberglass case featuring a 60 minute uni-directional turning bezel; an important “fail-safe” feature in all diver watches which prevents the number of elapsed minutes to be accidentally decreased. The watch holds a 100m/330ft water-resistance and the luminous hands, indexes, and markers which allow for perfect visibility under challenging circumstances. The all-purpose rubber strap perfect for the casual wearer as well as the recreational diver. The collection presents 4 models, each sporting a different bezel color: black, green, orange and navy blue. This new model carries on the tradition by truly representing the outdoor, adventure-seeking brand that is Alpina.

With the introduction of yet another model in its Horological Smartwatch collection, the Swiss watch manufacturer, and sports watch inventor Alpina continues to break technological barriers all the while preserving its design spirit and traditional Swiss excellence.

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